Lego ReBrick – Awesome Lord of the Rings designs!!!

I’m not sure exactly when Lego officially launched ReBrick, but it seems like a good idea for them to have a place to highlight all of the cool custom designs that Lego fans are creating, even if they’re only linking to the original sources and not able to host them directly on their own site. I suppose most of the known communities like MOCpages and Flickr are already pretty well established anyways, so at least this is better than nothing…

Here’s a few Lord of the Rings designs that particularly caught my eye – just in time for the impending, four-day LOTR marathon that always seems to accompany my Thanksgiving holiday weekend! :mrgreen:

Nazgûl, by Blake Baer

A Trip Through Middle Earth, by Soloio

Rivendell, by Blake Baer

Hobbit Hole
Hobbit Hole, by Legostone


  1. Awesome that you put my LOTR MOC between two MOC´s from Blake Bear. From a quality point of view, he is so far away from my work….

    Many greets from Munich!


  2. I hope everybody will understand my first comment wright, sorry if not, I´m not a fluent speaker. Blake Bear is the better builder!!! I´m very very very much behind 🙂

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