It’s taking me a little while to get through because it’s 2 hours long, but I’ve really been enjoying this interview that PandoDaily did last month with WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. He talks about all sorts of topics including the “corporate culture” at Automattic, why he believes in the open source ecosystem, and even a little about his own passion for BBQ…

Some really intriguing points, and I especially loved to hear him talk about how the right directions to take with WordPress as a whole have not always been the ones that would simply make the most for investors in the near future. I love that when you listen to Matt talk about the future of blogging, he talks about a marketplace dominated by open source software and not just his own … it really shows that he cares about giving back to the online community, and I say this not simply because I’ve been able to use his software for free to drive my own publishing interests over the last five years! 😉

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