Thin Post : A Snack is ONE!!!

So I’ve been trying to get myself back into the swing of things to get my weight loss back on track, and it seems like my biggest obstacle as of late has been snacking.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve blogged about it before – I have a real hard time with snacking because much like the commercials have conditioned us, once I pop I just can’t stop! And I’m not even talking potato chips because sadly, I know that I dare not bother keeping them in the house anymore. Instead, we’ve been trying to keep more single-serving snacks around the house – a lot of these Atkins snack bars (we’re not specifically following the program, but just trying a lower carb diet) … and they’re actually not too bad, but the problem is – they’re REALLY SMALL and I end up eating several of them at a time!!!

I’ve had a couple of really good exercise nights already this week that I basically ruined afterwards because I’d end up plowing through a whole pile of these things before I knew it, pretty much negating any possible benefit from 2 hours of walking and WiiFit’ing and pushing up. It’s enough to make me wonder if maybe I need to just focus more on not snacking at all because as hard as it is to avoid snacking altogether, it seems even more difficult for me to just have a little something and stop after one serving instead of plowing through the entire box in 10 minutes time.

And those things aren’t cheap, either! At something like $5-6 a box, they’re easily 3-4 times what regular granola bars would run you, and whether or not they’re actually any healthier for you is anybody’s guess! I’m sure they’re probably ok for you at their recommended serving size, but I don’t see how they could be the way I’ve been eating them lately…  😳

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