Legally Hilarious

This is pretty funny.

About a year ago, Matt Inman published a post about,complaining that the site had stolen tons of his comics and reprinted them without his permission.

FunnyJunk tried to make a scene and flung its users at Matt, to which he also wrote about.

Over the last year, said blog post got very popular and now comes up shortly after the website itself whenever one Googles its name.

So fast forward to today, when Inman gets a letter from the company’s lawyer, demanding $20,000 for “defamation of character” because he had exposed FunnyJunk for the content thieves that they actually are.

In return, Matt responds by informing them that not only will he not pay FunnyJunk for stealing and hosting his own content for the last several years, but instead he’s going to raise $20,000 in donations for charity and flaunt it in front of them (along with lewd pictures involving someone’s mother and a kodiak bear) before sending it on to help actual people who need the money.

…wait for it…

So far he’s raised $107,000 for this “cause.”

I love it when people actually stand up to trolling lawyers on the Internet because it’s bad enough when people steal content, it’s even worse when they’re actually so aloof to actually believe that they have a legal right to do so…

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