my latest distraction – Kingdom Rush

I’ve always been a fan of tower defense-type games because they’re typically fairly easy to learn and quick to play, so when I came across Kingdom Rush the other day, it was an easy sell … and not just because it only cost $0.99!

Basically, you have four different types of towers you can build – barracks, archers, artillery, and mage towers – and each has different pros and cons depending on what’s being thrown at you for a given level. I myself am a fan of archers, however as I get into the later levels I’m definitely finding that you really have to make use of everything if you want to be successful because even though my archers can take down most enemies fast, if I get hit with a hoard of armored knights who are resistant to all but magic, suddenly I’m kicking myself because I tend to neglect the mage towers more than anything else… 😯

It’s fun, though, and in the last couple of days I’ve managed to sink a ridiculous amount of time into strategizing against trolls and ogres and pregnant, giant spiders who drop baby giant spiders until you slay them! Good fun!!! :mrgreen:

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