Not Responsible for Damage

I always wonder when I see one of these signs in a parking lot if there’s actually any legal validity to it – as if you can just put up a sign and automatically waive liability on what’s otherwise still your own property.

Same with if you’ve ever seen a big truck hauling rocks or dirt or something – they’ve typically got one of those signs on the back that say something along the lines of “Do not follow closely – XYZ Trucking is not liable for debris that falls from truck…”  and I know that one’s BS because I used to drive a delivery truck for a while and also managed other drivers longer, and I can say quite certainly that there’d be hell to pay if something fell off the back of your truck and hit somebody else in the road!

I mean, I get that the goal in either case is simply in hopes that people will be more careful, whether putting their carts away properly or keeping a safe distance from the big rig on the highway, but still, in a world where someone can break their leg in my backyard and sue me for the inconvenience, I would think that from a legal standpoint the same holds true at a normal business establishment, too!

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