One More Disney Day

Today they’re doing something a little special over at Disney World – the Magic Kingdom is staying open for 24 hours straight.

The latest I think I’ve ever still been in the park is maybe 1 or 2am, during the summer months combined with Extra Magic Hour Evenings when the place is sometimes open as late as 3:00am. It tends to really clear out that late, with the occasional exception of the headlining attractions, so we just never felt the need to stay until the very last minute because we had already ridden pretty much everything we had our hearts set on well before that anyways … but I still would’ve liked to attend this year, if only the 29th hadn’t been on such an inconvenient day right in the middle of the week!

The next leap year will have February 29 falling on a Monday in 2016, but 2020’s will be on a Saturday, so if we can’t make the arrangements to schedule it in advance in four years, I suppose I could always just wait until I’m 40?!  😯

Woof! I don’t even want to think about that just yet, so here’s a pretty picture of the castle instead…

By my clock, it should be turning this shade over there just about any time now! For all those lucky enough to be running around the park another 10 hours from now – enjoy it! Here’s hoping that maybe I’ll be able to tag along next time…  :mrgreen:

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