one more new book before the year is through!

To quote the legendary pop princess, “Oops – I did it again…”

Today in addition to posting really great deal on my books for Black Friday, I also announced the release of my brand new, brand new book – Random Things That Amuse Me…  It’s another collection of humor columns that picks up where The First Seven Years… left off, sharing columns spanning the years of 2007 – 2009.

Truth be told, I actually had this book basically done about a year ago, but something came up – I honestly don’t even remember what anymore! – and for whatever reason, the proof just sort of sat in the corner for about 9 months before I finally gave it the small amount of extra love and care that it needed to get finalized and out the door. I’m probably biased, but I think that it turned out pretty good. I remember being super nervous about the cover because I couldn’t figure out what to do with it and finally I just settled on a tiled design of all the images that I started running with each column a couple of years ago.

I honestly think that choosing the title and the cover are usually the hardest for me – in both of my humor books now, I think I had the whole rest of each book assembled before I settled on the ones that I did. My goal is to have a third humor book out next year, and frankly I haven’t got a clue what the title is going to be yet. I expect it to be the same, laborious process that the last two have been, but maybe that’s ok considering that by the time I get to putting a book together, the bulk of the writing is pretty much already done!

This is also the first time that I’ve included illustrations in one of my books. It’s something that I really wanted to do right off the bat, but things just didn’t work out and as a result my first humor book has these large, empty gaps on each chapter page with only words where a nice picture would really fill them out! But book #2 looks pretty swell and I’m hoping that I can work things out to include more in next year’s effort as well…

So anyways, I’ve got pumpkin pie and leftovers to be focusing on, and you’ve got a new book to go order – I guess we’ll just wrap things up here for now. I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and didn’t get trampled out shopping last night!

Trampled people don’t tend to buy many books, on account of being hospitalized and unable to turn pages, I’ve found… 😯

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