I have a BrickLink Store now!!!

You know how I’m always complaining about getting duplicate Lego Minifigs these days?!

Well now I’ve got a place where I’m going to try and off-load ’em!Ā  šŸ˜€


I’ve used BrickLink exactly once,Ā but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty efficient and considerably cheaper than buying from Lego’s brick store (plus a lot better selection). Ā I’m not looking to get rich or anything – I’m honestly just tired of these things taking up room on my desk and rather than throwing them in a box of spare parts where they’ll never get used, I’d love to be able to sell them for a couple of bucks a piece so that I can pour the cash right into buying more packs!

The listing was pretty simple – I put up 18 different minifigs in about half an hour here tonight because really you only Ā need to choose the minifig from a drop down, then enter a quantity, selling price, and whether it’s new or used. I just listed them all at $2 each, which looked about average for some and maybe a little high for others. My goal wasn’t really to put a lot of thought into it, but more so just to list ’em all and see what happens.

I’m also torn on the others – there areĀ a tonĀ of minifigs that I don’t have, and many from seasons that can’t be found in stores anymore, that are still plentiful on BrickLink. Is itĀ cheatingĀ to just drop $40-50 here buying a couple of dozen that I was never able to collect on my own? I’m really up in the air about it because they’ve got some cool ones, but at the same time right now they’ve been more aboutĀ funĀ than just throwing money at them for me.

It kinda reminds me back to when I first started playing Magic: The Gathering – the fantasy card game-turned addictive asĀ crackĀ collectible card series!!! For a while just buying the occasional booster pack was fun and we all did ok because it was fairly random which rares everybody got, but then some of us with more money started buyingĀ a lotĀ more cards and seemed to have all of the cool ones. By the time Internet trading and selling came along, I was pretty much done because it became clear that it was a hobby where the amount of disposable income that you had could have a direct impact on the quality of your collection.

And I don’t know, maybe that really technically applies to just about anything, but I just don’t know if I want to fill up the second of those two base plates in that pictures above simply by placing an order for a bunch of minifigs I never found elsewhere instead of letting the collection simply evolve as I try to collect new sets as they come out.


But either way, if you want affordable Lego minifigs at a fraction of their unopened price, hit up my new store and tell me thatĀ Crazy ScottyĀ sent you!!!

…actually on second thought, pleaseĀ don’tĀ call me Scotty – I alwaysĀ hatedĀ that name growing up. There was only one person who could ever get away with it and that was my high school Latin teacher, Mr. Dutcher, because he was awesome. Other than that, it reminded me too much of stupid sports nicknames and I couldn’t play a sport to save my life back then…

…not much has changed today. But buy some of my minifigs nonetheless, please! šŸ˜‰

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