(House-Buying Backlog) House Inspection – CHECK!

(This post was originally written on Thursday, June 28, 2012 – see the intro post for more details…)

Today was a good day!   😉

Did our house inspection this morning and didn’t really come up with any real points of concern, other than the faucet in the kitchen sink doesn’t seem to be getting enough water pressure. All of the other faucets and shower heads are fine, so a quick Googly search leads me to believe that hopefully this might end up being a stupid, little fix that I can actually figure out myself.

Other than that, verbally the guy told us that everything actually looks surprisingly better than a lot of the other stuff that he sees! We’ll have a few random things to replace – mailbox, a couple of ceiling fans, a tension cable for the patio screen out back – but nothing too serious, which was a real relief!

I think equally, though, it was just kinda nice to get us back in the house again, considering that we’d only walked around it for maybe 10 minutes before deciding to put in our offer, and that was almost two weeks ago! This time we could actually just wander around and take our time while the inspector dude did his thing, taking in each room and seeing how well our memories matched up to reality. It definitely seemed like in the last couple of weeks, the rooms were shrinking a bit in my mind, so it was refreshing to take another wander around the new room that will become my office and reassure myself that it won’t actually be as cramped as I had been thinking…

All in all, we were there for maybe an hour and a half – probably a little less. We left with some measurements of key areas (living room(s), bed and dresser spots in master bedroom, other room sizes), so hopefully that’ll be enough to tide us over another few weeks until we’re actually ready to close and start moving in! It’s really both exciting and nerve-wracking, mainly because I hate all of the waiting and uncertainty, but today was one of the good days because it reaffirmed that we really feel like we’re getting something substantial for the 90+ pages of documents that we’ve signed our lives away on over the last couple of weeks!  😯

So next steps…

  • Home Appraisal (ordered by the lender, so we won’t really have much to do with this, as I understand…)
  • Mortgage Underwriting Approval (this is the big one, in my mind – to confirm that they’re actually going to give us the money to buy this place!)

And the waiting officially resumes!  😥

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