Scott & Sara Buy a House – the final summary post!

And there you have it, the complete and unabridged tale of me and my wife’s new house purchase!

From there the story continues here with my first public declaration of said purchase, followed shortly thereafter here where we have to fight with the stupid seller’s agent to get her to come unlock the house that we just dropped a whole lot of pocket change for! Looking back, I’m still incredibly thankful that we got so lucky with how the thing went down as a whole – compared to hearing the stories of others just going through nightmare after nightmare as houses came and went, it’s crazy to think that we literally finished the entire process in right around 45 days.

I think a big part of that was who we had working for us, and mind you – picking them was pretty much all luck of the draw! – but we had two individuals who really helped make the process a lot easier to traverse…

Our Real Estate Agent: Chris Henry of Signature Realty

Our Mortgage Broker: Bob Saltzman of Academy Mortgage

In truth, one actually lead us to the other, but both of these guys really bent over backwards to guide us through the entire process, taking the time to answer whatever questions we had even if it meant talking on the phone at 10pm! It certainly became clear as we had to deal with other folks in the industry – the aforementioned seller’s agent, one of our local credit unions before we opted to work with Bob on the mortgage instead – that not everyone out there really had our best interests at hand and with many we just felt like another pile of paperwork that they had to deal with before they could go home, but these two guys really earned every penny that they got paid from helping to facilitate our purchase and I know that Sara agrees with me that we couldn’t thank them enough.  :mrgreen:

So what happens next in this brand new chunk of suburban heaven that we can now officially call our very own??? Hmmmm – let’s see, I had to deal with the toilet a couple of weeks ago, and I still haven’t gotten around to fixing that leaky valve with the sprinkler system yet … grass is starting to look a little pale, too … and if I look hard enough, I know that we’ve even got ourselves a list of home improvements specifically not related to flushing toilets around here somewhere that we wanted to work on as well!

They say that the work of a homeowner is never really done, but at least for the time being, I guess it’s just kind of cool to finally be able to call myself one to begin with… 😉

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