So I’ve been in a pawn shop exactly *once*…

…and yet for the life of me I cannot stop watching this show!!!

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve literally been watching 2-minute clips from TruTV’s Hardcore Pawn non-stop since I got home from my walk two hours ago … they’re like potato chips – once you pop, I just can’t stop!

I actually sort of got sucked into this show on Christmas night last year – we were back at the hotel winding down after a full day with the family, Sara and Cleo had both fallen asleep, and I was left up by myself to do a little post-holiday writing. I ended up setting up shop in bed so that I could watch TV, but there wasn’t a lot on at 1:00am and I ended up settling on Hardcore Pawn. I think I finally turned it off when the marathon ended at like 5 o’clock, which was a little rough considering that we had to drive a thousand miles up to Michigan the next day!

I don’t know – it’s just a fun, goofy show … like most reality TV shows … and if I can spend hours on a weekend watching a crazy rocker pull snakes out of people’s attics, then what’s a little pawning between friends?!

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