Thin Post : Reflecting Back on a Terrific Week

I don’t mean to brag, but … well, yes I do – I just had an AMAZINGLY SATISFYING WEIGH-IN!!!

Lost a total of 4.4 pounds since last week, which is particularly significant because pretty much the entire month of April has been nearly stagnant for me – one week I’d lose 0.2 pounds, the next I’d gain 0.4 – very demotivating, so to actually step on the scale this morning and not only see an actual integer’s difference, but arguably several weeks’ worth just felt really, really … really good!  :mrgreen:

What exactly I did – right now that’s kinda hard for me to say. I know that I’ve been trying to curb my calories back below 2,000/day, which has been a real challenge because I seem to have snacking on the brain more and more, and I guess I’ve been ramping my walking up just a bit to see an extra mile or two randomly on top of the 3.5 – 4.5 miles that I typically average, but other than that – who knows?! My sleep schedule is pretty much just as chaotic as ever, and I’ve been super stressed because I’m still buried in a writing backlog that I wanted to long-since be out of by now, so … I don’t know!

That said, what I do know is that this time I want to work harder to try and ride this success into next week, whereas the last time I had a larger than average loss I think I celebrated by bingeing on armfuls of candy and potato chips. The time towards my goal is still a little ways off, but I know that it’s only going to get rougher (and eventually impossible) if I just drag my feet because it still feels like I’ve got a ton of time left to kill, so I really want to work hard at making May in particular a super productive month for me from a weight loss perspective. Hopefully my new incentive system will help to keep me focused during the day-to-day, and my wife is also trying to make May count in her own efforts, so sometimes seeing another person really putting in the extra effort helps, too.

If I could see another 10 pounds gone in the next five weeks, that would be fantastic! I’m trying not to get my hopes up to much, but also leverage today’s confidence as much as possible … it really is a fine line, but at the end of the day most fitness peeps will tell you that 2 pounds/week is perfectly reasonable with moderate exercise and the right kind of diet, so we’ll see! Right now I’m exactly halfway to my ultimate goal from when I first started these latest weight loss efforts back at the beginning of 2011, so it’s a good milestone … but one that I’d still be perfectly content blowing by without so much as a lunch date if I somehow can.  😀

Here’s to the next 4.4 pounds!!!  8)

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