The Angry Video Game Nerd…

I’ve been watching a lot of these videos lately.

I try to just put ’em on in the background because they’re kinda long when I’m doing something else that doesn’t require my complete and undivided attention, but it seems like I usually end up flipping back over to my other window anyways so that I can see what the games look like. Hell, some of them (Ghostbusters) I’ve even been implored to go download a mod so that I could relive the crapfest right along with the nerd – I used to have that NES game and I don’t think that I ever made it to the top of that ridiculous building with all of the stairs!!!  😥

Anyways, the language is a little rough, but most of the time abusively funny, and I’ve caught other making of videos and whatnot that show the nerd to be an actual character and not just the person’s online persona, which makes it kind of intriguing to me because the guy is actually a film maker whose done all sorts of different kinds of movies and these video game rants just happen to be the ones that stuck. It’s always cool for me to catch a glimpse at a creative person who’s able to make a living off of his work, plus it’s just fun to peep out his amazing NES collection, too!

(I’ve thought about trying to build a collection of NES games from time to time – I still have my own out in a box in the garage – but I never have been able to get an actual console to play them these days anymore. Plus, where would you even keep them all?! He’s got an entire basement to work with for his collection…)

Anywho – it’s worth checking out if you’re into old school games and have some time to kill … here are a few of the episodes that I enjoyed the most myself…

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