Two Dogs, One Scott

I don’t know how people can have more than one dog in their house at a given time.

Cleo can certainly be a handful at time, but then again, there are also times when she calms down and doesn’t act like a lunatic from sun up to well beyond sundown!!! 

This weekend we’re dog-sitting and have Cleo’s brother, Jake, over to visit, and I suppose chaos would probably be a nice way of describing their interactions thus far. The first night, I’m honestly impressed that I was even able to go to bed at all, having setup shop in the living room to supervise The Battle to End All Doggie Battles … in theory, most creatures would eventually grow tired of chasing each other around in vigorous circles for hours upon hours … upon hours … on end!

I don’t know how I have any wits left, and I also don’t know how they have any ears left… 

The ironic thing about it all is that Jake is technically still a rescue dog, and not in the heroic, saving people from burning buildings-sort of way as much as the still in a temporary home and hoping someone will adopt him-sort of way. Part of me (and all of Sara) would like to adopt him, mainly because I think it’s cool for her to actually have a sibling to play with and it would be sad to see him go off someplace else. Of course, the other part of me knows just how insane of a proposition that is and has been sort of laughing in the former’s face mockingly every time the puppy tornado tears through my office, leaving a trail of tattered papers and dog toy fragments in its wake.

On the upside, we threw them both in the car earlier today and drove them down to the dog beach, and that was a lot of fun … Cleo is starting to get a little more comfortable swimming and was paddling like a pro there for a while, whereas Jake got a little skiddish because every dog in the damn park flocked over to him when he was trying to play with his toys with Sara!

Don’t even get me started on dog park etiquette, though…

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