The Muppets Insanity Bracket…

I don’t really care about sports, so I never really get caught up in all of this bracket mania that seems to occur every spring around this time of year … but this year Disney posted one up for The Muppets in promotion of their new movie coming out on DVD and, well, that’s something that I can really get behind!

But that said, I’m a little curious … is it common for you to pick a bracket and later then find yourselves completely baffled with the final outcome that otherwise just seemed like an absolutely shoe-in to you at the time?! I suppose it’s probably a little different with sports because your teams are actually competing for progress whereas The Muppets Bracket is essentially a vote for our favorite Muppet, but … just look at what happened recently…

Not for nothing, but how in the world did Kermit lose to Beaker?!?!?! Same with Gonzo vs. the Swedish Chef, and then also Miss Piggy! At first glance of this bracket, it kinda seemed a little pointless to me because it seemed like a given that the fab four of Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Miss Piggy would sweep, with the boss frog Kermit then taking his rightful throne on top of the pile. But this just doesn’t make ANY sense!!!

I mean, Beaker is cool and all, but he’s not really the very best Muppet ever! Maybe that’s why they’ve dubbed it an insanity bracket … I dunno.  Also, where’s the love for Scooter – my man that actually kept The Muppet Show running doesn’t even make it into the list, but Pepe does?! Blasphemy!

That said, my updated vote is for Animal to take the final round.

But if Beaker somehow manages to beat out Animal, too … INSANITY!!!!!  😆

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