Thin Post : Crunch Time

I’ve been so fixated on creative work lately that I’ve been having a real hard time keeping my focus, and I’m afraid that it’s only going to get worse before it actually gets better…

Right now I’m literally inches away from finishing up a huge project that has been on my plate for the last year and a half … I actually wanted to knock it out over the extended Memorial Day weekend, but it ended up being a little too big for that … but in the resulting scramble of trying to wrap everything up now, I’ve found myself on more than a few occasions giving in to not exercising or lots of extra snacking in the name of creative productivity, and although I’m certainly happy that big project is almost behind me, I don’t want to see myself sacrifice the hard work I’ve put into diet & exercise as of late just to get there.

It’s tough for exercise because when I only have so many hours in the day, I see 80 minutes for walking as, “Well, that’s 80 minutes that I could have another article written towards my goal…”

As far as food is concerned, I’m a horrible stress eater anyways, and I tend to gobble when I’m up super late because it helps me stay awake to get more work done, so … I think that one’s pretty clear!

The real question is, do I keep pushing for just one more week to finally end this thing and be done with it, or do I suck it up and try to stay focused on weight loss, add a few more days to my goal creatively, and then go from there? I already know what the answer is here because that date has been pushed back so many times, we’re in a new year now … I guess I just wish that I had more time in the day so that I didn’t have to make choices like this.

TL;DR – Health is paramount, so make that your #0 priority and let everything else fight over whatever’s left … that way, you’ll get the creative stuff done and be able to celebrate accordingly instead of just being pissed at yourself for letting everything else go to shit in the meantime. 😯

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