Thin Post : Focus!

So back to looking at things a week at a time, I didn’t really do too well this week.

In short, I gained a pound back.

It’s not tough to decipher why – I had a lot of snacks, including Cold Stone, two nights out for sushi, a stuffed crust pizza day, and of course, a huge peanut butter egg for Easter … plus, I probably haven’t been pushing myself with exercise nearly as hard as I should be. I mean, I’m still keeping up on my cardio, but I haven’t done my push-ups in over a month now and I haven’t been feeling as sore from the walking as I used to when I was pushing harder last month.

And as relieving as it may be to not be incredibly sore all of the time, that’s not really in my best interests at this point, now is it?!

I’m trying to remain calm about it, however, and instead of beating myself up even more, just trying to establish a plan to re-focus myself and get back on track so that I can resume the losses that I need to hit my goals by this fall.

  • Diet – I will stay under 2,000 calories every single day this week, even if it means writing down my calories on a piece of scrap paper as I go through the day to keep track!
  • Exercise – I will push myself harder to do more exercise, both in keeping up with my nightly walks as well as reintroducing push-ups into my routine. I’m also going to try to add some swimming now, too, because the water in the pool is beginning to get somewhat bearable if I go in the dead of the afternoon while the sun is still out!
  • Sleep – I will fight tooth and nail to get at least 6+ hours of sleep a night, and if I can gradually slide my bedtime back so that I can start getting up at a somewhat reasonable time again, too, then that’s all the better.
  • Relax – I will continue efforts to spend less time working and more time having fun with Sara because stress relief is important.

Tall order, I know, but let’s try it for a week and see what happens…  😐

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