Thin Post : Frustration

0.2 pounds

That’s how much my weight went down since last week.

At this rate I should hit my target rate by around June 2015, that is, assuming that my rate doesn’t somehow manage to slow down even worse…

I’m a little frustrated at this point because for the most part, I actually thought that overall I did pretty well last week. I got in 6 days of cardio and walked almost 27 miles, got 2 of my 3 desired strength training days, and did pretty good at keeping my calories right around 2,000 with the exception of two snacking days. The last couple of weeks were kinda half-hearted, so only losing 0.4 pounds a week seemed deserved for those, but this time I really felt like I had gotten my act together and was going to see a number at least >= 1 pound lost as a result!

And not for nothing but I’ve been sore for the last month and a half, so I’m kinda ready to start seeing some actual results from all of this exercise!!!

So I guess it makes me wonder, as much as I feel like I’m already sacrificing, if I’m still not scrutinizing myself nearly enough to make this happen. I look back at what was mostly a good week and wonder – if I had forced myself to stay up a little later and get that 3rd day of push-ups in, or if I had done less of my short walks and more of the longer route, or if I had exhibited a stronger will power and not caved in to those two nights when I caught myself up snacking at 3am … would one of those, or even all of them, have made the difference with my weigh in today?

I’m trying not to beat myself up over it too bad because I know that it’ll just drag me down and make me want to snack even more, but as impossible as it seems, maybe I really do need to start scrutinizing even more in the next 7 days to see if it makes a difference. Better counting of calories, a strict no midnight snack rule, pushing myself a little harder with the exercise … I hate that this is so hard and yet I’m talking about pushing even harder, but I can’t wait another 3 years before I’m at my ideal weight!

I need motivation.  😕

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