Thin Post : Quick Review, Week #6

Don’t get me wrong – I’m extremely grateful for having lost weight this week, but frankly I really have no idea how it actually happened!  😯

Between The Melting Pot for Valentine’s Day on Tuesday and then spending Friday – Sunday running around with Sara being in the hospital, I did a lot of eating out last week, so to see that despite all of that craziness my weight still dropped even just a little was an incredible sign this morning! I guess in hindsight I did still manage to get my cardio in on most days and my extra mileage probably made up for not using the elliptical, but still … whew!

Today’s Weigh-in: -0.6 pounds from last week

Net Loss for 2012: 6.4 pounds

Last Week’s Exercise: 

  • 5 days of cardio (21.5 miles of walking)
  • 0 days of strength training 😳

Last Week’s Diet: terrible – tons of eating out, on account of the wife being sick and subsequently spending the weekend in the hospital…  😳

Last Week’s Sleep: also not great, for pretty much the same reasons!

Goals for Next Week:

  • Exercise – maintain cardio, get back on track with strength training
  • Diet – ramp the eating out back down
  • Sleep – Ha! Errrr, I mean try again with bedtimes between 1-2am

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