The Simpsons #500 / The Apprentice, Season WHATEVER…

Don’t you hate it when you get yourself all geared up for watching something and then it ends up just being so-so?

The Simpsons was ok – not terrible, but certainly not hilarious, either. And I know the running joke is that The Simpsons has already done everything, but the plot of the family getting kicked out of Springfield lost point from me right off the bat simply because all I could think about was the movie from a few years ago … which I loved. Not to mention, the little tagline at the end about waiting before rushing to the Internet to say how bad it was? Would’ve been a lot funnier if it hadn’t been partially true. 🙁

As for The Celebrity Apprentice – I mean, I know in my heart at this point I pretty much only watch this show as a guilty pleasure because most of the celebrities are actually better known and are/were more successful than Trump himself, plus just the way he carries himself is so over the top full of himself. Like I’ve said in seasons past, the core problem with this show vs. the regular people version is there’s no reason for Gene FUCKING Simmons to give a shit what Donald Trump thinks about him!

Plus, I didn’t really like that George Takei was getting crap right off the bat.

Also, I think the fact that one of their 18 chosen participants was willing to quit after a single episode continues to speak volumes about it getting tougher and tougher to find celebrities to be on the show.

Don’t get me wrong – I wrote last month about some of the celebs in particular who I was interested to see and I’ll still keep watching just for my own indulgences, but man this show’s days gotta be numbered here soon, one would think after watching a riveting, two-hour premiere about the exciting world of running a sandwich shop in New York City.

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  1. Ok, so one more one more thing!

    Did anyone else find it a tad bit suspicious that the guys won by a considerable margin due to a single donation of upwards of $300,000???

    Part of me is still curious to see if that becomes some sort of conspiracy in later episodes. After talking all of his talk about raising a cool $500,000 on his first task, would Paul Sr. stoop to having Paul Jr. stop by and donate the cash to help save his butt?

    Damn it – it’s this kind of drama that’s exactly why I keep getting sucked into this show!!! 🙄

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