Hospital Time != Fun Time

So I haven’t posted recently because the last couple of days have been kinda crazy…

Friday afternoon I ended up taking my wife into the ER because in addition to fighting being sick for the last couple of weeks, today she started having heart palpitations and it understandably kinda freaked her out. We probably sat there for over 4 hours before even seeing a doctor, but then after a few hours in the actual ER they ended up admitting her for the weekend because they wanted to run a bunch of other tests and help get her nausea under control, just to be sure.

I was finally able to bring her back home this afternoon, and ultimately it was really a weird mix of emotions over the weekend because ironically enough, it was probably the longest amount of time that I’ve really spent with her in a while! In between running all around to get food and ice cream because hospital food sucks, we watched movies and TV and played some games back and forth on our phones in real-time that we normally play a turn at a time here and there, but at the end of the evening when the time came for me to head on back home to take care of Cleo and everything there, it really hit me of how much I didn’t like having to leave my wife there in that cold and lonely hospital all by herself.

Granted, I know that it was realistically a little easier for her because it’s the hospital where she works at, so not only is she otherwise there everyday anyways and knows a bunch of the people there, but most of the night crew that were on her floor actually worked for her last year before she moved to another department! So I’m sure that more or less she was fine, but in some respects it actually reminded me of the night before our wedding – we had all gone out for our rehearsal dinner and then spent some time drinking afterwards, and when she was ready for bed I went up with her to say goodnight (because we followed that goofy tradition of sleeping separately that night).

I remember it hitting me really hard just having to say that short goodbye then, too, and at the time it might’ve helped me to write better vows because that’s exactly what I went to do when I went back to my own room … but I guess it’s just weird how some of those types of moments hit you harder than others do. We can not see each other all day and if I’m working late she might even be getting ready for bed when I get home sometimes, and yet it doesn’t phase me because I’m still coming back to the same bed as her … eventually. But I definitely didn’t like the feeling of leaving her behind, so to speak – and I don’t know if part of it was maybe being around so many sick and dying people and having that floating in the back of my head, as unlikely as it honestly was…

Nonetheless, despite the house being absolutely a mess and completely out of food, it’s good to have both of us back home again. I’ll probably try to start tackling random stuff around the house again tomorrow, but tonight I’m kinda just looking forward to sitting back, relaxing with my not-hospitalized-wife, and watching the 500th episode of The Simpsons. Anything else after that is just gravy.

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