Web video is here to stay!

I find myself continuing to regularly be amazed by the quality of new web shows that I stumble onto on a regular basis. Considering that the “production crew” for these shows is typically a fraction of any regular television broadcast, if not simply the host and one guy behind the camera, if I worked on one of those regular, old school TV shows, I myself wouldĀ be getting a little nervous!

Correction: *I* myself would probably say to hell with the big, overhead production and get a few of my friends together to do a show all by ourselves, but that’s just me… šŸ˜‰

Nevertheless, I thought I’d take this otherwise drab Thursday evening to share a few of the newer online shows that I’ve been enjoying lately.

The PointĀ – A political round table hosted by Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks – kind of like Real Time with Bill Maher, but slightly less cynical.

SciShowA really fun and informative show about … SCIENCE!!! This guy reminds me a lot of Bill Nye, and the show is beautifully produced – I’m honestly not sure why it’s not on the Discovery channel already.

My Drunk Kitchen So Hannah drinks, but at least she’s a funny drunk, and also sometimesĀ food even happensĀ along the way…

CheckPointWeekly commentary and gentle prodding on video game news – I like it because despite barely having time to play, I still get about 85% of their jokes!

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