Thin Post : Once I Pop, I Just Can’t Stop…

Sometimes I think it’s easier to eat nothing at all than only just a little.

A relatively new problem that’s sprouted up for me in the last couple of weeks as I’ve been doing better at getting my diet under control is that once I start eating, whether an actual meal or just a snack, I have a hard time stopping after I’ve finished with whatever I had sat down to eat. It doesn’t matter what it is – my body just starts going and wants more – and so more than I’m proud of, I’ve caught myself in a whirlwind of eating after a carefully planned dinner of 500 calories or a 150-calorie snack balloons into 400-500 calories more as I just scavenge to scarf down whatever I can possibly find!

And it makes for a tough juggling act because it almost feels like some days I’ve been doing too well with controlling my intake because I’ll get to the end of the day at 1,500 calories or less and fear that I’m going to trick my body into thinking that it’s starving, thus throwing my weight loss for a loop as it goes into rationing mode. Granted, I don’t really know enough details about how that works to know if I actually am getting close to those thresholds, or even how long one needs to be under the limits before such a reaction kicks in, but I convince myself that I should just eat something small to try and avoid that zone … and ironically end up going over as a result. 😳

I tend to over-analyze things, so of course sometimes I try to micromanage everything that I possibly can to avoid another weekly weigh-in where I see the numbers moving in the wrong direction. Hell, it actually took me a while to come to terms with simply not weighing in every day because I’m always curious about that kind of minutia, even though deep down I know that weighing in any more than once a week would just be horribly unproductive for me!

But I somehow managed to conjure up the will power to avoid the scale 6 days out of the week … I suppose now I just need to do the same for controlling my random eating, too.

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