Thin Post : Sweating It All Out

It’s starting to get warmer out at night, and as much as that’s also kind of a tedious thing, I’m also somewhat banking on it also being a positive thing as far as boosting my progress for weight loss as we get into the summer months.

Most of my exercise is walking our dog in the evening hours, and I’ve noticed that maybe in the last couple of weeks, the average temperature when we walk anywhere between, say 9pm – midnight, has been hovering in the mid-70s, whereas in the months past in fell more in the 60s (or lower, though I try not to go if it’s much below 60). Usually we’re out for maybe 1-1.5 hours, clearing between 3.5 and 5 miles a night, and as you might expected, it seems like I’m sweating a little more than usual as the temps are getting warmer, so as gross as this might be, what I’m curious to see is if this will also correlate with an increase in calories burned the more I sweat, too!

On one hand, it’s really going to be a bear when we get to June/July/August and the nighttime temperatures could still be up in the 80s, but at the same time if it somehow helps to give an extra boost to my weight loss efforts, well frankly at this point I’ll take just about all the help I can get. 😉 Granted, I’m probably going to be regretting that statement in about four months, and I don’t really have anything to compare to because that time a year ago Cleo was still barely more than a puppy and we hadn’t really started with our regular walks yet…

Hmmmm – I’ve still got a long ways to go, so probably had better take whatever I can get.  😕

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