Vice City Celebrates 10 Years!

So apparently it’s the 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City…

…and in celebration, Rock Star is re-releasing the game on iOS and Android devices! Though it’s kinda hard for me to imagine playing this on my iPhone – an iPad might be cool, though – $4.99 is still a small price to pay for a bit of nostalgia, South Beach-style. As my icon, circa 2002 might suggest, I used to love this game, second only to GTA3. The soundtrack was great with all of that ’80s music on the radio, and I actually even kinda loved how the load screens divided up the areas as you drove over the larger bridges … this was pre-moving to Florida, so it just seemed like the coolest thing to be driving through the city, then go over a big bridge with water on both sides, and then be driving through more city!

I’m not gonna lie that the first few times I drove across the Howard Frankland Bridge when I got to Tampa, I would always picture my own personal, little loading screen in my head. 😉

This game is gonna be fun to revisit … maybe I’ll just pull out my PS2 copy until I get a chance to buy a slightly bigger screen!

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