End of an Era EXPLAINED!!!

Remember that totally bad ass Final Fantasy video that I posted a couple of weeks ago with just amazing CGI of some crazy dragon getting unleashed and laying waste to the free world???

Remember where I said that I’d love to know the real story behind the whole thing because as cool as it was, I didn’t really know who anybody was or what was really going down???

Well check out this awesome blog post that I just found over at Square-Enix that answers EVERYTHING!!! 😀

I, for one, would’ve never thought that the dragon was actually Bahamut without seeing it in print because I guess I always thought that Bahamut was more of a good entity in the pantheon of the gods, or at very least neutral, but in the video clearly Bahamut is pissed! after being imprisoned for thousands of years and seems pretty hell bent on taking out his pent up aggressions on pretty much anything that dares to stand anywhere near his awoken vicinity!

It was also neat to see a little more about Louisoix – the amazing monk dude – because it just makes the climax that much more powerful when we watch even him cripple under this unleashed demise. The sense of defeat is both really overwhelming as he takes one last bout of energy to teleport the heroes through space and time into the netherworld before watching the end of the world firsthand.

Seriously, give yourself a 5:54 break and watch the video again – so good!!! 😉

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