2013 Holiday Advent Blog – BONUS – A Disney Holiday Getaway, Part 2 (cont’d)

After paying homage to the amazing dancing spectacle that is the Osborne Lights, we grabbed some dinner and played a quick round of Toy Story Mania (and saw a service dog riding in one of the cars!) before jumping over to the Magic Kingdom to spend a couple more hours out and about before returning back to our hotel. We actually already caught part of the Christmas decor last month when they were first putting everything up, but it’s still fun … albeit very busy … once everything is all in place!

Unfortunately, we didn’t realize between us that Wishes is Holiday Wishes from here through the end of the year, so we were walking through Frontierland when the show started and ended up watching the rest from Liberty Square … which isn’t exactly ideal, but oh well. An unexpected highlight, on the other hand, was the holiday version of the Jungle Cruise, or the Jingle Cruise as they’re calling it – it’s pretty much the same cruise as before, but now it’s been sprinkled with plenty of holiday puns a plenty!

Just be sure to keep an eye out for Sandy Claws… 😯




IMG_6240 IMG_6241


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