2013 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 22 – A Disney Holiday Getaway, Part 3

So admittedly day #3 of our 3-day Disney getaway was a bit shorter than its predecessor, seeing as the pregnant wife was just about out of steam and as much as we both still had a lot that we wanted to see and do, we reluctantly agreed that it simply wasn’t in the cards this go around…

We took advantage of our hotel being in the Magic Kingdom proximity to hit up the holiday decorations around the monorail loop – I think my favorite was the gingerbread tree at the Contemporary because it was something new, whereas the gigantic gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian, while cool, was pretty much the same as it is every single year. We were a little disappointed at the Polynesian because they didn’t really have anything special, whereas in the past they usually have a variety of smaller gingerbread tiki huts on display!







After making our rounds, we ended up at Kona for lunch, where we were happy to get seated right away despite not having a reservation or anything! In fact, the last two photos there aren’t really holiday-oriented at all, but simply to show how absolutely gorgeous the afternoon turned out to be … blue skies, frozen drinks (for me, anyways), and a nice, cool breeze to supplement our wandering holiday tour! 😉

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