2013 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 16 – About A Muppet Family Christmas…


So Jim Henson’s Red Book shared a really neat entry from Jim’s journal today about the original Muppet Christmas specialA Muppet Family Christmas, and I never would’ve even thought about it, but it kind of makes sense that the reunion that happened with bringing characters from The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, and Fraggle Rock all into one movie would’ve kind of been a reunion for the people working on those shows as well, considering that all had gotten popular in their own right at that point and aside from the principal performers who made appearances on all of them, the rest of the casts were probably pretty segmented.

I love the idea that this special was all about family, both in the show and also behind the scenes. It’s a shame that this is one of the few specials that doesn’t have a current DVD release that you can pick up a copy, but thanks to the joys of YouTube, luckily it’s not too hard at all to find the entire thing online from flurries in the car to Henson and Sprocket doing the dishes as the credits roll!

Here’s one great scene in particular when the entire gang from Sesame Street shows up caroling… 😀

P.S. I’ve yet to do so myself, but it looks like you can actually buy a book of all of Jim’s Red Book entries that have been compiled from the Henson Archives – talk about an awesome gift for any Muppet fan!


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