2013 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 20 – A Disney Holiday Getaway, Part 1


Reporting to you live from Disney’s Wilderness Lodge this evening where the wife and I will spend the weekend peeping out Christmas decorations around Disney World and whatnot. We’ve never stayed at this one before, although we’re both huge fans of Animal Kingdom Lodge, and so far I’m kind of digging the ambiance … especially with Christmas just around the corner and all! Very rustic, lots of wooded and animal-centric decor – in a way it kind of reminds me of back home, except with triple the temperature to where I can still walk around in shorts at midnight and feel perfectly comfortable… 😉

Did I mention that their Christmas wreaths have antlers in them??? Trying to keep my guard up while I’m out taking pictures – for all I know, I could run into Gaston around any corner!

photo (15)

One last pic – this one of the super yummy peppermint cupcake that I’m enjoying while writing this here blog post! Life is sweet… 😉

photo (17)

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