a new ultrasound for Thanksgiving Eve!

It took an extra day to work out the logistics of today’s appointment, but this morning went in for our first high risk ultrasound, and not only everything check out a-ok, but it was actually pretty cool! Unfortunately we didn’t get a ton of good pictures – just a few that the technician let me photograph off the ultrasound machine when we were done – but it was really neat to watch this more in depth inspection as she took measurements of our baby boy pretty much from head to toe, took a few glimpses of the blood flow through the umbilical cord, looked at the spine to make sure that it was straight and intact, and even showed us the two halves of his developing brain. 🙂

All in all, it was a pretty neat precursor to Thanksgiving and makes me look forward to the next one, when we’ll be taking an in depth look at the heart to make sure that it’s developing properly, all the more. That appointment, coincidentally, is on none other than Christmas Eve, so that should add an interesting twist of holiday joy to the day, too.

As blurry as they are, here are a couple of the shots that I liked the best…

photo (17)
We all agreed that this one looks like he’s waving hello! With his little, itty-bitty hand!!!

photo (16)
Nice full picture of his head and torso … crazy to think that just three weeks ago he was barely a speck!

photo (15)
Just kidding – it’s my own kid and I still think that these 4D ultrasounds are creepy as all get-out! The doctor did say that as he gets closer to birth, he’ll start to look more … human, but in the meantime, if that isn’t a little devil face, I don’t know what one is…  😯

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