Acoustic Renaissance

Earlier this year I very randomly backed a music project for a guitarist that I first stumbled across online a long time ago. I have a feeling that a lot of people got turned on to him by finding the same amazing video that I’m linking below…

I was kind of surprised when his new CD finally showed up in my mailbox earlier this month – admittedly I’d completely forgotten about it until an envelope postmarked from across the pond appeared, and even then I think it took me another week or so to finally pop it into the CD player in my car. Music isn’t really as big of a thing in my life as it was when I was growing up, I guess probably because this whole Internet thing barely existed at that point, but it’s kind of cool how the two have sort of bridged the gap between each other and nowadays when I do find somebody new whose music I want to hear more of, most often it’s because I somehow discovered them online.

Anyways, I think what I like about Jon Gomm’s music is the classical influence – it reminds me of some of the great guitar players that I stumbled across once I really got into playing in my late teens like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. I went through a period shortly after graduating high school when I almost exclusively listened to acoustic music – both instrumental pieces like these as well as acoustic versions of more popular music. Even looking back, there are a bunch that I like the acoustic versions more than their electric counterparts, possibly because I still have the feeling that if I ever were to get back into playing guitar again, I would probably just stick to the acoustic as opposed to having gigantic amps and pedals and tons of money tied up in equipment that will get me nothing but noise violations from my HOA here in suburbia!

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