the new Muppets trailer…

I don’t know exactly what I think about this.

Well, I guess so far it’s precisely two things:

  1. Yay – another Muppet movie! They really are back this time!!!
  2. Wait a minute – didn’t I already see this movie back in the ’80s???

It’s already been said that Jason Segel is not involved with this one – I guess he kinda dove in headfirst with The Muppets a few years ago and that was enough. And I don’t necessarily blame him – he managed to pull off a really great movie, so do you really want to tarnish that by gunning for a sequel and then having to watch it fall short?

Notice how he wasn’t exactly in this piece of crap, either. Smart guy.

So who knows … I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Tina Fey is cool, and apparently Bret McKenzie is doing the music again, but even the last movie had bad Muppets masquerading as regular Muppets, so I feel like that concept might be getting old already.

Seriously, I know that Muppets in Space didn’t do so hot, and the movie spoofs like Christmas Carol and Wizard of Oz have been kind of hit and miss, but is it that hard to come up with new, original storylines for these guys??? They used to do a brand new, half hour variety show with these characters every single week!  😐

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