an 8-Bit Lego Mosaic to strive for!

So a long time ago I had declared that I wanted to make one of those awesome Lego mosaics.

Today I found this incredible feat of geek ingenuity…


(more images over at imgur)

Mind you, my original plan had been simply to start off with a couple of simple 8-bit mosaics of Mario and Link to get the ball rolling, and then later after posing the idea to my wife, she mentioned that she wouldn’t mind doing a Disney one if we can find a suitable picture to convert. But this is definitely a fantastic long-term goal to strive for in my eyes because good god, is that a whole lot of nostalgia and Legos wrapped up into one amazing collage!

If you click through the link, you can see that this thing takes up the better part of the guy’s living room wall, and coincidentally *I* have a rather blank office wall right now that I think would make a great area to display something like this! At first I didn’t think that I’d really be capable of designing it all, but after some mulling it over, I realized that by using 8-bit characters they’re pretty much already pixelated for you, so from there it should simply be a matter of picking characters and organizing them. Looking through this guy’s choices, I think we’d have a lot of similar ones, but not entirely … not sure if I’d want to mix 8-bit and 16-bit yet or just stick to the NES.

Also, what I think would be really cool is if I could do the layout in a way where it could actually grow over time, meaning that instead of dropping thousands of dollars on bricks all at once, it’d be neat if I could do a few panels at a time and arrange to hang the piece on the wall as its being built.

Lotta variables here, and really, I do need to try my hand at something just a bit smaller before diving into a 518,400 brick monstrosity (he used 15 48×48 base plates – do the math!!!).

Somebody ask me where those little mosaic starters are in a couple of months when I totally forget about this… 😉

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