Domain Registry of America = a Bunch of Jerks


I really hate crap like this.

Admittedly I haven’t gotten one in a while, but I literally renewed some domain names with GoDaddy two days ago – albeit not for the domain listed here – and the final purchase price for one .COM came to a whopping … $10.38.

Or, you know, I could pay these shysters 337% to renew and transfer my name to them – you know, because they took the time to send me this kindhearted, completely non-misleading notice!

What grinds my goat about these types of things is that while *I* knew that it was a ripoff and not worth more than 10 minutes of rant-blogging here, they send these things out in bulk and I’m sure there are plenty of other unsuspecting recipients who don’t know any better, thinking that these are actually coming from their own registrar … I mean, the word America is right there in the name and everything! No way that an American Company could possibly scam a hardworking small business that barely even knows how to get to its own website, much less what all is involved with running it.

People see this, it looks official, and so they act on it, not even realizing that their domain name fees are about to triple and they’re turning over the address to their online home to the sleazy, door-to-door snake oil salesman of the domain registry.

The last time I ever paid $35 for a domain name was to Network Solutions back in 1999. It was for 1 domain – – and I promptly lost it when I moved to Florida in 2003 because it expired and they immediately put it back on the open market without so much as an e-mail reminder.

Funny, I had a handful of other domains that survived the trip just fine … because they weren’t registered with Network Solutions.

In comparison, I just let a domain that I had purchased for my sister expire and not only did GoDaddy send me reminders every two weeks leading up to the expiration date, but I also got four more in the two weeks to follow after the expiration date – just to make sure that I definitely didn’t want the thing anymore.

Please don’t be a sucker. Find a domain registrar that you trust and then ignore anything you receive from anybody else telling you how to manage your domains.

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