Dream Journal : A House with Many Passages

This one isn’t so much about a single dream, but about a dream concept that I seem to have over and over again…

Whenever I find myself running around a house in my dreams, it’s always a big house and there are always all sorts of secret passages running between the rooms. In fact, a lot of the time we don’t even end up using the regular hallways … and why would you when you’ve got secret passages to slink around in instead?!

The dream I had last night that lead me to writing about this had me in a rather large, Victorian-era house, and the secret passages connected a series of playrooms for kids – one with video games, another with toys and action figures, and another with a foosball table, I think it was?

Anyways, what was unique with this dream is that I wasn’t really being chased by anyone, as with what typically happens when I find myself sneaking around secret passages in gigantic homes. Usually there’s some sort of invasion, Home Alone-style, and the passages are used to escape and eventually defeat them, but this time they were just kind of there for convenience, which is how I like to think that they would be used in your regular day-to-day life if you had an awesome house with hidden chambers! Hell, I think I’d even argue that the hidden areas of this house were a bit cooler than the conventional ones!

If I ever have a house that’s bigger than your average lot and I’ve got a little stupid money to spare, I’d love to build in some stuff like that just for fun … I’ve seen pictures of various places that have done it, and I know there are even companies who specialize in it. It’s probably more common in castles, but seeing as there aren’t exactly a whole lot of those here in Florida, it looks like I’d have to build whatever I wanted … but it’d be fun, wouldn’t it?!  😉

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