Resolution Reconsidered

So I wasn’t crazy about this proposed resolution at first because I still think that a resolution only ending exclusion for gay youth in the BSA is only half of the solution … but the more I read all of the vitriol on the BSA’s Facebook by everyone who is so convinced that inclusion will absolutely ruin the organization now that it’s been passed, the more I can appreciate that at least it IS a step in the right direction.

Personally I’d rather see the organization lose some members and be a safe haven to all than stay as it was if those are the kinds of “morals” that it’s been harboring. They may not represent the majority, but the fact that they exist at all should still be a point of concern when we’re talking about Shaping America’s Future…

Case in point:

  • “I’m not burning anything, I at least get to say, ‘I was an Eagle before the Boy Scouts went homo.'”
  • “Are they going to fly the rainbow flag now? I would never let my kids join now. Let our kids be kids.”
  • “Where do we send design ideas for the ‘Fudge Packing’ merit badge???”

The BSA doesn’t need people like that.

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