Dream Journal : High School Basketball Hell

There was a brief … very brief … moment in high school, or maybe middle school, when I considered playing basketball … until I realized that just being six feet tall and having played a lot in my driveway when I was younger didn’t exactly qualify me…

And so this quick dream had me doing exactly that – trying to play basketball in high school, although I never actually made it onto the court, much less actually held the ball in my hands … so admittedly it was probably a pretty realistic vision of what my high school basketball career would’ve looked like anyways!

At first I wasn’t sure if it was for a basketball game or simply for gym class, but I walked in and almost immediately got yelled at by some guy with a whistle around his neck that I had to get changed before I could come on the court. In the distance I saw a couple of random friends in line for free throws or whatever, so I wandered off to find the locker room to get changed…

And that’s when it got weird because suddenly my little school gymnasium was transformed into this massive sports arena, with large, concrete hallways all over the place and tons of concessions stands! I’m not talking about a little cart here or there selling hotdogs and popcorn … I’m talking about full-size stands and even a couple of restaurants like you would find at a regular stadium! Lots of flashing lights and colors and smells kept me disoriented for quite a while, but eventually I finally managed to wander past it all back to the comparatively nondescript and boring locker rooms where I was supposed to go change.

I woke up as I was leaving all of that excitement behind me – no idea if I actually got to play or if I was just a bench-warmer on the team, but the concessions looked yummy… 😛

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