Dream Journal : Island in the Clouds

So I was on a cruise with a bunch of people I knew from high school … it might’ve even been a class trip or something.

Anyways, we had docked at this island that was incredibly small. I never really got an idea of how big the boat was, but the island was very, very small. We had docked at the island itself, but they had to put these big, inflatable bumpers in the water to keep the boat from hitting the rocks.

But we all got off, thinking that we weren’t going to be there very long, and soon I just found myself walking down a trail in some random direction – I think because I had to go to the bathroom! It was clear that I wasn’t going to find a bathroom as I headed deeper into the island, though, and eventually I just kept on walking for the sake of exploring, as opposed to a more animalistic urge…

As a side note, for some reason I also had this kind of overhead, Google Maps-y view of where I was on the island, and I could see as I kept walking I started to see the shoreline on one side, and then eventually it became closer on the other side as well until I saw myself approaching some sort of cliff.

Walking up to the little clearing at the edge of the cliff, I saw one of the most beautiful views that I had ever seen.

Apparently I had unknowingly been walking uphill because the clearing didn’t just look out onto the water, but onto the rest of the island, and there were all sorts of little houses with red roofs, but what was strange was that clouds intermingled among the rooftops as if we were floating up very high in the air. You could still see the water down below, but it was just the most amazing sight and so I pulled out my camera phone to try and take some pictures.

Unfortunately, I only had one of those super-old Nokia candy bar phones … which in reality didn’t even have a camera! … and I did what I could with it, but it took really lousy photos that in no way did the view justice and I wanted something better. Looking at the time and considering how long it had taken me to walk there, I figured it wouldn’t be any trouble to walk back to the ship to get my regular camera and come back. I could even grab some of my friends to share with them this little hidden gem on a seemingly otherwise bland-looking cruise stop.

Sadly, as I began to walk back to the ship is also about the time when I began to wake up, so I never did get those pictures … but at least I still have memories of the view. 😉

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