Dream Journal : Me and My Cleo

So Cleo and I were just roaming the land, not particularly sure where exactly we were going … as a man and his dog are wont to do, a la the title reference… 😉

Also, every now and then she would just randomly be without her leash, so I suppose you could say that she was surprisingly behaved in this dream because I’m still nowhere near trusting her outside without a leash in real life yet! 😯

Anyways, we eventually wandered into a warehouse … a warehouse that was oddly enough, filled with people … they seemed to be some kind of soldiers or something. I’m not sure exactly what I did next, but somehow I confronted and offended one of them and they all kind of went crazy! I punched one repeatedly in the face, to little result, but luckily we were able to sneak away through a hole in one of the walls before they were able to mob us.

The next thing we knew, we were walking on the outskirts of a city and came across a field of people marching in orange jumpsuits. We weren’t sure if maybe they were prisoners somehow associated with the army we had just encountered, but they didn’t spot us … though  we kept walking and eventually we did find ourselves in an altercation with some police officers, which resulted in our running again until we found ourselves in a different scene entirely…

New warehouse, and this time I was interviewing people for a job … the old job that I used to hold when I worked in a warehouse more than a decade ago, in fact. Most of the applicants were pretty forgettable, but the one face that I recognized – oddly enough – was none other than Joe Bereta of SourceFedand although I remember being pretty impressed just to be sitting across the table from him, I almost didn’t want to hire him for the job simply because it would’ve prevented him from going on to do SourceFed later and I just couldn’t live with that.

Flash forward to yet another warehouse and this time I found myself being probed to “hurry up for the bachelor party” … which in retrospect seems odd because I’ve never attended a single bachelor party in my entire life! I couldn’t quite tell who it was even for, or if it was supposed to be mine, for that matter, but my friend really wanted us to go to Canada, even though I didn’t have a passport.

Ultimately it didn’t matter because in the end, I couldn’t go because I had to work, anyways … presumably at one of the many warehouses that I’d visited recently!

When I woke up, even though you’ll note that Cleo was notably absent during the last half of the dream, I couldn’t help but recall the entire thing as an adventure that the both of us took together, with our own very special soundtrack… 😉

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