Where Is Mr. Gold, Indeed?!


Apparently on eBay going for between $600-900, if you really want to find him… 🙁

This kinda bugs me, and not just because Series 10 technically isn’t even supposed to be on sale for another week and apparently the stores in my area are the only ones actually following that rule! It’s a really neat idea, somewhat reminiscent of a certain golden ticket contest from Hollywood yesteryear, but just as we saw in the fictitious Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, as soon as adults and their money get involved, it kind of starts to ruin the fun for everybody. People buying up cases of minifigs at a time, store employees feeling through lots in the warehouse before even putting them out for customers, all with the hopes of turning up this rare golden chap of whom only 5,000 were made, not with the intent of showcasing him at the helm of their Collectible Minifigures display that’s now been several years in the making, but simply to flip him online for a quick profit.

It always rubs me the wrong way when the same thing happens around the holidays for new video game consoles, too, so instead of picking up a new PS3 or X-Box 360 for $600 … which is already a steep price as it is … now they’ll only find their way into the homes of kids whose parents were willing to plunk down double or triple that just to make sure that their kids have the latest and greatest on Christmas Day. Sure, that’s technically how good, old-fashioned capitalism works and all, but when I pull up eBay and am already seeing over a dozen listings for this exclusive minifig that technically isn’t even supposed to be available yet, I just wish that they were sitting proud on somebody’s dresser instead of just a quick way to make a buck.

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