Dream Journal : Night of a Thousand Tangents

This one was all over the place – I’m hoping that it was actually multiple dreams and I’m just blending them all together now, but bleh! 😯

So it all started with a maze … that’s underwater.

But not like under the sea underwater – more like somebody took a traditional maze that you could walk through and then flooded it, so you kind of climbed over one of the walls to get in. And it was fun and I was running (?) around the maze underwater having a great time with random classmates that I went to high school with, and then suddenly I realized that my phone was still in my pocket.

Actually, two phones, because when I got out, I first pulled an old flip phone from one pocket, didn’t care what had happened to that, but then pulled my iPhone from another pocket and apparently the water had just ruined it. Not shorted out, mind you, but the case was all coming apart, the headphone socket had wires showing – it was a mess!

Oddly enough, the display itself still worked.

Anyways, next up I was walking up to the courtesy desk at a grocery store, although it felt more like a pawn shop because I was asking if they’d seen any BB guns lately … apparently mine had gotten stolen and I suspected that maybe it had been pawned at one of the local shops. The gun in question was a “blinged out” BB gun, with a scope and other bling (rhinestones, I guess?!). Needless to say, the guy behind the desk didn’t have it, and then also told me that I was in the wrong store when I told him that I knew that it had been taken to a specific address.

Interestingly enough, I did have a rather nice BB gun growing up that was given to me as a gift from my Grandpa on my Mom’s side (I think?) and it had a scope, but no rhinestones…  😕

Next stop – I’m at an auto repair shop trying to get my car fixed, and while they’re working on it, a salesman wants to sell me a new car, but then he doesn’t. He kind of looks like the crazy Texan from The Simpsons, minus the pistols, and he wants to sell me a truck. I tell him I don’t want a truck, but a car instead, and he replies that he doesn’t sell the kind of car that I drive anyways, so I’d be much better off with a truck instead. I then explain that I don’t need a new car just like my old one, and give him some other options, but he shoots all of those down, too.

Finally I give up arguing with him, and somebody comes in to tell me that my car is ready. When I go out to it in the garage, it’s got a flat tire all over again – the same one that they supposedly had just fixed, and when I complain to the guy running the shop, he replies that I’m wrong because they just fixed it … even though we’re both staring at the flat tire right then and there.

So for the last part of the dream, I’m with a bunch of my friends at a restaurant and we’re all about to leave together on a big road trip. I guess we wanted to leave town with a bang or something, so one of my friends gets the idea for us to burn the diner down.


For whatever reason we all go along with it, and we’re in the back of the restaurant – in the kitchen area. My one friend has some sort of flaming beverage that he’s going to send out on a waiter’s tray to do the deed (don’t question me about logistics – most of my dreams never make any sense!), and while they’re doing that, I go outside because I’m a little nervous about the whole thing … rightfully so! When I get outside and can’t find my car, I go running back and tell them to stop because our ride is gone.

Remember – it had a flat tire from the last scene?! Continuity, for once! 🙂

The dream ended with one of my other friends walking calmly out of the restaurant, and upon being asked what happened to the fire, he just shrugged and said that he put it out.

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