Daily Garden Update – Some Serious Sprouts…


So we’ve officially passed the ONE WEEK MARK and I’ve gotta say that I’m a little surprised that, well, things are actually growing in that cute, little green terrarium of mine!

According to the instructions, once they get a little bigger I’ll need to start adding some plant food to the mix and when they’re about 5″ tall, it’ll be time to transplant them to something a little bigger. Seeing as how my plan didn’t completely fail and this whole scheme might actually work, I’ve started doing some research on my options … I’m thinking that the most viable might be to try my hand at container gardening, which would basically see these little guys just transplanted to one or more bigger pots and then they’d pretty much live there going forward.

It seems like a good option because our backyard is pretty minimal and doesn’t really have room for beds of any kind. Plus if I can find some decent containers that we actually like, my little vegetable garden might help to lend a bit of color out by the pool, which would be nice. If this ends up working all the way to fruition (vegetable-ition?!), I wouldn’t mind trying a few others as well … I’m honestly not that big on cucumbers and tomatoes, but I do use peppers a bit when I’m cooking, and strawberries might be fun during the summertime, too.

I’m sure that there’s still a lot more to read as far as seasons for different vegetables, how long they take to grow from seed to veggie, and then obviously … what happens next?! Do they just keep on growing or do I need to plant more seeds, etc… – probably seems like a simple question, but frankly, I’m still a little in shock to see any hint of green at all peeking out from behind those terrarium walls!

I need to go container shopping…

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