Dream Journal : The Graduation Heist

Fair warning – this one is really odd and fragmented, but I thought some of the scenes were strangely interesting, so here we are…

I had traveled from Florida up to Michigan … by bicycle.

The trip back later in the dream was much more vivid, but I assumed that I must’ve traveled via two wheels getting there as well because everything that I brought with me fit in a backpack.

Then again, at one point I also had Cleo with me, but I vaguely recall that she was getting home some other way.  😕

Anyways, earlier in the dream featured a lot of home scenes, although home wasn’t how I remembered it. My parents were in the middle of their divorce, and my Mom was living in a much smaller house/trailer that was very cramped, particularly in the kitchen.

(time was all out of whack in this dream – very few events were actually “in order”…)

One of the scenes that took place at home was some sort of Christmas celebration, although this time it was about half unwrapping presents and half helping Mom to clean out junk that she no longer had room for. My sister was going through a pile of her old drawings to throw out, and there was one pertaining to Christmas that I absolutely had to keep, though no clue how I was going to transport it back home! There was also a Christmas scene that involved a party of some kind in which there was a shortage of Mom’s Christmas cookies, or at least frosted ones anyways. Somebody asked me if there were anymore because the plate was empty, and upon inspection in the pantry I found another plate of unfrosted ones, but only one in the middle had frosting.

Needless to say, I snarfed down the frosted one in the pantry and then told him that there weren’t any frosted ones left.

The cookie itself was in the shape of a mitten.

Fast forward to the good stuff, it eventually became apparent that the reason I had traveled home was that my friend and I were planning some sort of heist for school graduation. It was never actually revealed what our heist actually was, but there was a list with lots of checkpoints and a fair amount of scheming took place … at one point we were trying to convince an older teacher (no idea who – he kind of looked like Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell) to help us with something, and he kept telling us that it was illegal, yet he didn’t turn us in or discipline us or anything … presumably because we had something on him and were trying to blackmail him???

At one point some of the scheming took place in a ridiculously designed swimming pool … well, it was actually a series of pools and hot tubs spread out over about half a dozen levels that cascaded into one another via waterfalls. I had a strange flashback as we entered one of the hot tub back to my own pool in real life because it’s ridiculously cold right now, whereas these must’ve all been heated because they were pretty great!

After the exotic pool scene, we were waiting on stage to perform a rock show. It was sort of like a competition, though I never saw any other bands that we were competing with, and the audience was situated around a large swimming pool … but not one of the ones from the previous scene. When it came time for us to play, someone handed me and my friend each a guitar … almost as if we were being forced to play … and after adjusting the strap on the ugly, orange Les Paul that I had been handed, we went out and blew the audience away with an original song that we’d written, whereas everyone else in the competition had only been playing covers.

Somewhere between all of this randomness, there was another home scene – this time at my Mom’s actual house, although she had a doggy door in the back … which was important because at one point there was something bad in the backyard and we had to hurry all of the dogs in real quick and strangely enough, there were a lot of them! My dog and I think Lori’s dogs were present, but then there were also just a bunch of other smaller random dogs – maybe they belonged to the neighbors? Mom insisted that it wasn’t safe outside and they all had to come in, too, and then we saw the miniature horses running around the backyard, and though Mom wanted to protect those, too, she wasn’t sure how they’d fit in the house. Granted, they were really miniature – as in small enough to fit through the doggy door, but their hooves still pack quite the wallop, I guess?

As we were trying to do something with the horses – maybe get them into the garage or something – we finally saw the real threat … there were also hippos in the backyard that were scaring all of the other animals.

I can only assume that they were probably very, very hungry.

But back to the heist – I never did quite figure out what it actually was, and after all of this I found myself bicycling back to Florida again. The last scene I recall was stopping at a fast food place for something to eat, and feeling claustrophobic in one of the booths because it was kind of closed in and way too small for me. As I packed up and decided to go eat outside instead, I noticed that someone was watching me … like a biker gang or something … and as I walked out to my bike, I kept checking back expecting to see them coming out the door after me.

I was only in Kentucky, so I still had a long ways left to ride, and now I was being chased by bikers on motorcycles.

Maybe they were pissed for never actually finding out what the heist was all about, either!  😯

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