Dream Journal : The Grasslands

It started with my transport to a distant world.

I actually remember the transportation itself – one minute I was just standing around, and then the world started spinning and everything got very blurry, and as the velocity of the two continued to increase, I found myself focusing on … myself … as a burst of light began to form around me. I don’t remember my exact thought, but there was something specific that I kept saying over and over in my head until finally I vanished from the world I knew and a moment later reappeared on the top of a large cliff overlooking nothing but green…

The view was outstanding – like visually, it stood out from the world that I normally knew … like looking at an old, standard definition tube TV and then switching over to a brand new 4K display. It was kind of like looking at Pandora from AVATAR, but no luminescent sparklies all over the place.

As I started to walk down the high, just taken aback by the grandeur of my surroundings, I began to notice animals large and small in the tall grass. Some were very big – like small dinosaur-sized – but they all pretty much ignored me and just went about their business eating while I walked past.

Eventually the hill started to get more steep as I continued walking down until I was almost sliding, and it became quickly apparent that I wouldn’t be climbing back up again, so hopefully that peak wasn’t the key to my returning home! The steeper areas of the mountain were much more dirt than grass, even though I could still see the magnificent fields of green in the distance, until I finally reached what I would call the bottom and strangely enough found myself looking down a lone alleyway with a faint light coming from a doorway in the side of the alley.

I looked down the alley and then back up at the gigantic mountain that I’d just walked down from a few times before a young boy came up and greeted me, and told me that “I needed to see Bill.”

Although I’m still not sure who Bill actually was, I replied, “Yes, that’s who I’m here to meet…” and with that I left the landscape behind to follow the boy down the dimly lit alley.

It was here that I woke up, and despite how much I tried to fall back asleep and pick up where I left off, I never was able to figure out who Bill was or why I had traveled so far to meet him…

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