finding my place on reddit…

For a long time I guess you could say that I’ve sort of enjoyed reddit from a distance. I’m a big fan of their AMA series and occasionally I’ll get caught up in a random comment thread that just sucks down ridiculous amounts of my time, but I never really posted much myself.

Really only one post – I officially created an account last fall during my whole Sears customer service fiasco – but even then I was really nervous about the whole thing because from what I can tell, they’re typically not too keen on you posting links to your own works. Which sucks because the result ends up being a lot of imgur posts that fail to cite the original source, meaning whoever first created that photo/blog post/whatever doesn’t get any reciprocal traffic from the posting.

Anyways, I guess it’s a little ironic that I circled back to reddit a couple of weeks ago when I finished my Lego NES Mosaic and wanted to share it with people. Considering that reddit was where I came across that huge video game mosaic a few months ago, I ended up doing a little digging and finding a Lego sub-reddit that seemed like it would be a good fit … but I didn’t want to be that guy who just does nothing but post his own links (anymore), so after spending a little time exploring I commented on a handful of posts myself, and it was kinda fun! 😉

I don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me earlier, but there are a lot of subjects these days that have their own dedicated sub-reddits, and before long I had amassed a little collection worth following myself…

  • /r/lego – lots of random custom builds, but also some pretty impressive large-scale models as well, which are my own personal favorites (like the ones all around Legoland)
  • /r/legotrade – a group of people looking to trade Lego minifigs, which already has proven to be a lot more productive than selling my duplicates on BrickLink and then having to still search for the ones that *I* need!
  • /r/waltdisneyworld – duh!
  • /r/dvcmember – I’m not a member yet, but this is something that my wife and I definitely want to do when we find a spare $18,000 laying around the house, so in the meantime it’s nice to find someplace to hear feedback from actual members.

I still don’t necessarily see myself being a huge poster – I’ve mostly been commenting and upvoting other people’s posts that I like, but it’s still a neat, little community (LOL – “little”) and I’m curious to see what other sub-reddits I come across that might be worth subscribing to.

Got any suggestions??? 😀

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