Garden Update – We’ve got baby cukes!



Having a hard time keeping everything watered lately because it’ll rain for a few days and I won’t worry about it, and then the next thing I know I look out the window and they’re all drooping because it was sweltering without a drop of rain for the day … BUT … apparently this cucumber plant is still working a little! There are maybe 2-3 of those little babies throughout the plant right now, all around maybe 3-4″ each, with lots more flowers that have little tiny ones … I’m not sure if those just need to grow or if they haven’t actually been pollinated yet.

Not much of anything on the tomato plant and it’s having a  hard time staying attached to the trellis anymore, so I’m wondering if the heat was just too much for it. I also tried starting some flowers & peppers, but promptly forgot about them and left them to fend for themselves in the terrarium, so not sure if those have much of a chance at this point, either.

But baby cukes – that’s gotta count for something!  :mrgreen:

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