It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…

Second video now from MentalFloss – this channel is definitely shaping up into one that you want to be subscribing to … makes me real curious to see what John talks about in the weeks to come!

Also, was Mr. Rogers not pretty much the nicest guy who ever lived?! If you need more proof, check out the videos below – the speech in front of Congress was mentioned in the video and the acceptance of his Lifetime Achievement Award, well, I was just about ready to tear up watching the people in the audience just about ready to tear up! Just so friendly and kind – it does make me chuckle just a bit to think that he got into broadcasting because “he hated that all TV showed was people throwing pies at each other,” so I guess that means Mr. Rogers wasn’t a fan of The Three Stooges?!  😕

I suppose we can give everybody’s favorite neighbor a pass, though… 😉

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