Shark Tank

I’m not entirely sure how I stumbled upon it, but lately I’ve kind of found myself sort of obsessed with the TV show Shark Tank. It’s one of the few almost not a reality shows that I can stand, meaning that the overly dramatic pauses and general arrogance from the judges is usually set to a minimum, at least in the episodes that I’ve been watching (seasons 1 & 4, I think?). But it’s neat to see all of the different “companies” present themselves asking for money, and also somewhat funny to see how overly dramatic they are when they insist that their business will be ruined forever if they can’t get investment money from the sharks.

In a way it kind of surprises me how many people go on the show without a solid business plan or actual sales to back their products up, but at the same time I have to remind myself that these folks are being cherry-picked by the producers so that they’ll have some great ones and some terrible ones alike. I guess it probably wouldn’t be a very good show if we had to watch all of the abysmal ones in the same way that American Idol couldn’t make an entire season just out of terrible auditions from people who have no business being in the vicinity of a microphone.

Ok, Idol may be a bad example … is that show even on anymore?!

Anyways, fortunately this seems to be another show that has a whole bunch of full episodes up on YouTube … I started out just watching clips, but then through some not so creative searching also managed to find full episodes from the latest season, so I’ve been listening to those in the background while I’m working this week. Plus, I enjoy any of the episodes with Mark Cuban because I used to follow his blog pretty regularly and I just think he seems like a really laid back, down to earth, extraordinarily successful guy.

Besides, he gave $25,000 to this guy to sit around drawing cats for people all day! Clearly yours truly picked the wrong creative career path… 😯

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